Do you think FRACKING is bad ?  This is worse !

Did you know ?  THEY are putting DEAD BODIES in our ground !  DEAD PEOPLE that have been soaked in CHEMICALS !   


In a flimsy wooden box,  less than 6 feet underground !


Not 10,000 feet deep, like FRACKING, but only 6 feet deep !  It is WTF !


They are doing this everywhere, under our noses, with no regulations or permits.  Probably just down the road from your home, your well, your backyard, our schools,  churches, and mosques.  


It gets worse.  Many of these DEAD PEOPLE are dead because of GERMS !  Those GERMS are still alive, all over these DEAD PEOPLE !  They can and will easily escape out of the cracks in a flimsy wooden box !  GERMS can crawl around 1/4 inch per day; a GERM buried today will reach the surface around next Christmas. 

VIRUSES are even smaller than GERMS (but slower), and can pass through concrete and rocks. 


This MUST stop !!!

Our first demand is that all DEAD PEOPLE be clearly labeled, with a sticker on their forehead, with a complete list of the dangerous chemicals in which they have been saturated.  Also any GERMS and VIRUSES present.  If they killed the dead, they could kill you, too. 

THEY (the people behind this outrage) refused to disclose to us what CHEMICALS they are using.  Don't even bother to ask.  But we found the website of the "Ethical Embalmers for Justice" and they list formaldehyde, glutaradehyde, ethanol, humectants and sometimes arsenic !  Six feet (72 inches) under our feet ! Under your feet (or your behind, if you you sit on the grass) !


Save our planet !!  

Join the PLANETKEEPERS today !!


"I confess; I've seen it all",  Elmer, a progressive pallbearer


"I'm ashamed that I have been a part of this outrage", Barry, an ashamed back-hoe operator


"My shovel is never gonna dig another grave" ,  Bruce, an occasional ditch-digger


"My legal skills are at your disposal !  Call me !",  Al Sharpton


"This is probably why all my flowers die ! ",  Florence, a disillusioned florist


"I will surely include a list of your chemicals in my homily !"  Clarence, a concerned clergyman


"I've been hiding my shame behind cheap wine and dark glasses " ,  Horace, a deliveryman (hearse driver)


"I've been outraged about this since 1958 !" ,  Al Gore


"No problem.  My  9 - 9 - 9 - 7 - 4 - 1 - 8 - 5 - 9  plan is just what we need ",  Herman Cain


"NO COMMENT.  GO AWAY. "  ,  A  sad-looking man in a dark suit


"Deceased ?  Dying ? We can prove that you have been damaged by somebody with a lot of money. "  ,  X,Yand Z Litigators Ad infinitem


"Its' a shame, but this mostly affects the 99 percent crowd. "  ,  Bill Gates, 1 percenter